Kansas Office of the State Climatologist

The Weather Data Library is the home of the State Climatologist for Kansas. It is a participant in the National Climate Services Partnership and a member of the American Association of State Climatologists. We are located in the Department of Agronomy at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS. Our main office is in Room 1004 Throckmorton Plant Science Center.


The Weather Data Library was established in 1973 under a memorandum of agreement among Kansas State University, the National Weather Service, and the National Climatic Data Center and was originally housed in the Department of Physics. The agreement transferred the position of State Climatologist for Kansas from a federal position to a university position, providing uninterrupted climate services to the state.


The Weather Data Library includes the Office of the State Climatologist, the Kansas Mesonet, and an archive of Kansas weather and climate records. These collectively provide a range of services, research, education, and outreach functions to the State of Kansas.


  • Conduct research on the climate of Kansas, influences of the natural environment, and impacts of human activity.
  • Provide information to the public and private sectors in answer to questions related to the weather and climate.
  • Promote understanding and appreciation of the natural environment and the importance of preparedness for the changing world.