Author: Mary Knapp

The snow that fell on April 1st this year is a reminder that winter weather doesn’t necessarily end with March. But you might wonder just HOW MUCH snow can we get in April? On April 2nd 1988 both Tribune and Elkhart reported 14 inches. The largest daily total for April in their records. And the records for these stations go back to 1900. The daily record for April in Atchison also occurred on April 2nd but in 1926. However, the real record setting snowstorm occurred in 2017 on April 30th. Five locations in western Kansas set April record snowfall totals on that date. The greatest amount was 20 inches reported at Johnson, in Stanton County. It stands as the greatest twenty-four-hour snowfall report for April in Kansas.

Figure 1. Konza snow (WDL archives)

Mary Knapp, Weather Data Library