Author: Mary Knapp

As we watch the early blooms on the trees this spring, you might be interested in the science associated with the activity. Phenology is the science which studies periodic biological events with relation to climate, especially seasonal changes. Phenological events are stages of plant growth, for example, blossoming of a cherry tree or the emergence of crocus. From a climatological viewpoint, these events serve as bases for the interpretation of local seasons and the climate zones, and are considered to integrate the effects of a number of bioclimatic factors. For example, national and international groups have studied the bloom dates of lilacs as a way of monitoring the impact of climate change. Phenology is considered to be part of the bioclimatic sciences, which also include bioclimatology, and ecology. With programs like “Nature’s Notebook” you can participate in the studies as well.


Mary Knapp, Weather Data Library