Author: Mary Knapp

We have seen some warm temperatures in Kansas this April. But what is the highest temperature reported in Kansas for the month? That is 107 °F reported on April 23rd 1989 in Hays, KS. Thirty-one other stations reached or exceeded the 100-degree mark, spanning North Central to Southwestern, KS. Manhattan didn’t quite reach the mark, with a high that day of 99 °F. Still, with all those 100 plus readings, that wasn’t the warmest April for the state. With an average temperature of 57.2 °F, April 1989 was the 19th warmest since 1895. The warmest April: April 1981 when the average temperature for the state was 61.4 °F.

Sunrise photograph (Mknapp, 2011)

Mary Knapp, Weather Data Library