Author: Mary Knapp

The amount of water accumulating as rain or snow is not the only water concern, the quality of that water is also important. Kansans have long recognized this importance. On April 17, 1907 Kansas passed its first water quality statutes. The statutes address State and Federal water quality standards, permitting process and requirements for municipal and industrial discharges, including sewage. They also included public water supply and drinking water standards. We can do our part to maintain water quality by proper disposal of household wastes. Don’t throw batteries or other toxic materials into the trash, take them to the recycling center or the hazardous waste disposal center. Don’t dump grass clippings or leaves into the storm sewers. And whether you are hiking, biking, camping or boating, take your trash with you and dispose of it properly.

Water (Public Domain)

Mary Knapp, Weather Data Library