Author: Mary Knapp

As January comes to an end, you will note that it we had more snow than in recent years’ in Kansas. This won’t come as a surprise, since January can come and go without any snow at all. However, you might wonder what is the record for snowiest January in Kansas? The National Weather Service Coop Station at Ransom 2E holds that record with 48 inches, and it was set in January of 1993. Bonner Springs takes second place with 36 inches set in 1979. Manhattan’s record January total was also set in 1979 with 26.6 inches. The national record for January snowfall was set in 1911 near Tamarack, California, on the west side of the Sierra Nevada. That year they reported 390 inches or 32 and a half feet in January!

Figure 1. Snow drifts at the North Farm (WDL archives)

Mary Knapp, Weather Data Library