Author: Mary Knapp

It won’t come as a surprise that December has a history of powerful winter storms. On December 14, 1987, one such storm spread heavy snow from the Southern High Plains to the Middle Mississippi Valley. Kansas City, Missouri was blanketed with 10.8 inches of snow, a 24-hour record for December. The snowfall totals in the Oklahoma Panhandle ranged up to 14 inches. Kansas saw snowfall totals of up to 14.5 inches. A year later, on Dec. 14, 1987 another winter storm featured blowing snow in western Kansas as snow and gusty winds plagued the Central Rockies and the Central High Plains. Colorado Springs, CO reported thirteen inches of snow. Amounts were lighter in western Kansas, but the winds still created problems with blowing snow.

Figure 1. Blizzard in Goodland, KS (NOAA)

Mary Knapp, Weather Data Library