Author: Mary Knapp

Galveston, Texas has been struck by devastating hurricanes more than once. However, the one really known as the “Galveston” hurricane occurred, on September 8, 1900. And the damage from other storms paled in comparison to the 1900 event. That storm ranks as the greatest weather disaster in United States history. A tide over 15 feet high inundated the island, demolishing or carrying away buildings and directly killing more than 6000 people. Over thirty six hundred homes were destroyed and damage, in 1900 dollars, was over thirty million dollars. Following the storm, the surf was 300 feet inland from the former water line. The deaths weren’t confined to Galveston. Another twelve hundred died outside the immediate Galveston area.

Figure 1. Galveston wreckage (NOAA)

Mary Knapp, Weather Data Library