Author: Mary Knapp

Severe storms don’t always mean tornadoes. On May 9, 1996 a hailstorm wreaked havoc in western Kansas. Hail and wind cut a path 2 miles wide along highway 96 across all of Lane county. Hail was piled 6 inches deep and was visible for several days. Property damage across the county was more than 2.5 million dollars. Damage to siding and roofs was extensive. Trees were stripped of bark. The strong winds broke eight power poles highway 96. The storm continued east into Ness County. There the path widened to 8-mile-wide area of hail and wind that moved across Ness county along and near highway 96. Golf ball size hail and 80 mph winds were produced the storm. Damage in Ness County topped 1 million dollars.

Figure 1. Hail (NOAA)

Mary Knapp, Weather Data Library