Author: Mary Knapp

Drought has as many definitions as affected groups. The Glossary of Meteorology defines drought as “A period of abnormally dry weather sufficiently prolonged for the lack of water to cause serious hydrologic imbalance.” In lay terms, its generally defined as a period when water is insufficient for existing demands. One common tool to depict drought is the US Drought Monitor. This product integrates a wide range of drought indicators into a single map showing conditions from abnormally dry to exceptional drought. In Kansas, drought declarations, which trigger specific actions, are issued by the Governor’s office. Despite the recent precipitation, Kansas is well below normal for the year-to-date and for the winter season. Continued dry weather will increase the scope and severity of the drought affected regions.

Figure 1. Kansas Drought as of 1-23-2018 (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Mary Knapp, Weather Data Library