Author: Mary Knapp

When we think of dust storms, usually thoughts go to the Dust Bowl of the 30’s. However, on Feb 25, 1977 dust reduced visibilities from eastern Virginia through the southeastern states to Florida between the 24th and the 28th. The problem didn’t start in the East however. The dust that plagued the east coast had its origins in the western Great Plains on the 22nd and 23rd. A frontal boundary swept across the Plains with strong winds and very high gusts. Wind gusts above 100 mph were reported at Guadalupe Pass TX, at White Sands NM, in Sherman County KS, and in eastern Colorado. In Kansas, February 1977 ranked as the 16th driest since 1895 and marked the close of the 6th driest winter.

Dust on the horizon (M. Knapp)

Mary Knapp, Weather Data Library