Authors: Mary Knapp, Christopher Redmond

Rainfall was close to normal for the week of May 9-15. The western divisions were on the low end, with between 50 and 58 percent of normal. The Southeast Division had the most, with an average of 2.32 inches, or 175 percent of normal. The statewide average precipitation was 1.06 inches, or 99 percent of the normal for the week. This brings the state average for the year-to-date slightly above normal as well. For the current growing season of April 1 – May 19th, the statewide average is at 7.11 inches, or 144 percent of normal. All divisions are at or above normal, with the southwest at 200 percent of normal. That statewide surplus continues to a slighter degree for the wheat growing season (Sept 1 – May 19th). Only the Southeastern and East Central Divisions have below average precipitation for the period, and they are at 91 percent of normal. Coupled with the wet week, this allowed for the removal of the remaining abnormal dry conditions in the state.

The temperatures were mixed to start the week, but ended well below average for the period. The warmest temperature reported for the week was 88 degrees F on the 14th of May in southwest Kansas. The coldest temperature reported for the week was 31 degrees F in the East Central Division on the 15th of May.

The 8- to 14-day outlook suggests a continuation of wetter-than-average conditions, particularly in the eastern part of the state. In the west, much cooler-than-normal conditions are expected at the start of the week. Temperatures are equally likely to be warmer or cooler than average for the rest of the outlook period. The June outlook favors increased chances of wetter-than-normal conditions statewide. The temperature outlook is neutral in the central and eastern parts of the state, with a slight chance of cooler-than-normal temperatures in the west.

Additional information can be found on the Kansas Climate web site under weekly maps

Mary Knapp

Christopher Redmond